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Designed from the inside out to fit the shape of the horse’s skull, Horseware’s Rambo® Micklem MultiBridle is the most comfortable, flexible and effective bridle to hit the market. The Rambo® Micklem MultiBridle by Horseware® is the first bridle designed based upon the shape of the horses’ skull rather than the outside appearance of the head. Not only is the Micklem MultiBridle comfortable and humane but is designed for versatility. 

The Micklem Competition Bridle features:

  • 5/8" Eco friendly hand finished leather
  • Stainless steel buckles
  • Comfortable padding across nose, brow band, and cheek pieces
  • Chin and throat strap guard to prevent rubbing
  • Complete with rubber reins.  

Measuring instructions for the Micklem Bridle: Measure the distance from the bottom point of the protruding cheek bone on one side of the head to the bottom point of the protruding cheek bone on the other side of the head, going round the FRONT of the head.

    Under 27 cm (10.6 inches) = Pony
    27 - 29 cm (10.6 to 11.4 inches) = Cob/Small Horse
    29 - 31 cm (11.4 to 12.2 inches) = Horse
    31 - 33 cm (12.2 inches to 13 inches) = Oversized/Large Horse

You can use a bridle that is slightly too big from cheek bone to cheek bone but not a bridle that is slightly too small.

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