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The number one best selling vest in the world. The clear choice of premier international riders for body protection. Worn by National Teams from U.S.A., Canada, Great Britain, France, New Zealand, and Australia. The Eventer combines optimum comfort and fit while affording a high level of shock absorption and impact reduction.  Tested by Rapra to comply with Beta 7.  Front zipper closure with foam backing, Soft foam rolled collar ,Diagonal line structure of panels to more closely conform to the body's natural rib structure, Lacing at the sides for adjustment.


Body Protector Notice, Disclaimer and Warning
All equestrian sports are dangerous and involve the risk of serious injury or death. A properly fitted protective vest or body protector may offer protection against some injuries. However, protective vests and body protectors do not all conform to a uniform set of safety standards. Protective vests and body protectors offering more protection may be capable of being designed and/or may not be presently available. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser (or in the case of minors, the parent, or other responsible adult) to select an appropriate protective vest or body protector that is well suited to the rider’s level of expertise and riding discipline and to ensure it is properly fitted. Dover Saddlery neither specifies nor recommends any particular protective vest or body protector and undertakes no responsibility or liability therewith.
CAUTION:The protective qualities of all protective vests and body protectors may be compromised by age, use and exposure to temperature extremes. Store protective vests and body protectors in well ventilated areas and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning and maintenance. Dover Saddlery neither specifies nor makes warranties as to the fitness for use of any particular protective vest or body protector nor assumes any responsibilities or duties to any purchaser. Please consult manufacturer’s own warranty and safety disclaimers.

Contact us directly if you would like a custom vest.  1-781-275-0233 info@completeequestriansaddlery.com

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